Nov 23 2019

Ikea promo code

Ikea promo code-Ikea promo code
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IKEA Discount Codes

All IKEA Voucher & Promo Codes for October 2019

has anyone used them lately. I still have some £140 left to use mainly in £5’s. I’m just waiting for a reduced deal of furniture until the EOM. Pity cant use them in food hall considering they were selling them there in the first place. I would have bought lots of food stuff for that much.

I’ll bare that in mind, thanks 🙂

You were lucky, I had to split my shopping to use the vouchers, because the cashier was instructed max. 2 vouchers per transaction.

We bought a Christmas tree with 5 of the £5 vouchers yesterday, and got our £20 voucher back. Still got £35 of them to spend, and only cost me £12 overall.

Thanks op We were wondering about that, as nothing in T&Cs says you can’t 🙂

It might that its selected stores then i had another birmingham email recently too so it is still on going

I checked my emails but nothing from ikea as i never signed up to them, so why did i need to check my emails ?

Ah right I have checked the terminals 3 times in the past 2 weeks no offers on my account :/

U need ur ikea member card to print it out instore

Anyone got a spare voucher going today thanks

Just looked at terms and conditions pretty much needed everything now. How unfortunate

I just came from here and spent £200+ I’m fuming. I don’t receive and emails anymore grr

In order to spend that £10 voucher we will end up purchasing another £100 worth of unnecessary items (just in my view )

Rather have a decent sale.

Can anyone confirm this? as was going to order wardrobes online, but will pop into store if I can get £60 off!

I used a kiosk on Friday and it never had an option to print out a £5 voucher. Also odd as when I enter my barcode for the swipe to win followed by my Ikea Family number and details, it cannot find me. Could this be as my card is a see through plastic Ikea Family Card and there appears to be a new solid orange one on the website? Surely if they updated the cards then I should have been sent a valid new card if the existing one won’t accept the voucher and offers?

£5 voucher is available at kiosk. Swipe surprise you need unique code which can be entered at website 1. Swipe your IKEA FAMILY card, between 8th February – 17th April 2016, when you make a purchase at checkout.2. At the bottom of your till receipt you’ll find a barcode and number.3. Take your receipt to the nearest IKEA FAMILY kiosk and scan the barcode, then follow instructions on screen.4. Or you can check your prize online. VIEW YOUR PRIZE NOW

Hi, I am bit confused here. I just returned from the ikea store and logged in into my account but cant find any link regarding the voucher. Is this promotion is for ikea swipe surprise that you need to key in unique code that you get from previous purchase to darw you voucher prize? or is it just a normal voucher that every ikea family member will get and do not require any code or what so ever. Thanks

Do you know how many time could you use the promotion for each account? Thanks


Ikea promo code


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